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Gartner predicts that by 2023, 35% of global infrastructure managed service providers will gain at least 50% of their revenue through managing the digital touchpoint environments of their clients. With digital and technological disruptions, enterprise monoliths need to evolve far beyond technology-centric elements like data centers, colocation, and the cloud to customer-centric strategies to drive business needs.

CSS Corp’s Customer Facing Infrastructure Services empowers enterprises to accelerate the transition from traditional practices to digital business initiatives, which mandate that enterprises interact much closer and in real time with their customers to help reduce cost, customer effort, and to drive superlative CX. Our next-gen AI platform not only maintains ubiquitous digital touchpoint environments, but also facilitates a reliable and secure IT infrastructure to remain latency sensitive and enables enterprises to re-look at the entire value chain of customer lifecycle.

5X Faster Time To Market

2X Rapid provisioning of infrastructure

60% Lowered TCO

Business-aligned KPIs

On-demand scalability

Core Banking Platforms

    • Business disruption (lost revenue)
    • Security risks
    • Regulatory non compliance

Application Platforms

    • Productivity loss
    • Brand reputation
    • Lower customer satisfaction

Video & Voice platform

    • Investment loss
    • Losing the race with competitors
    • Shareholder distrust

Insurance platform

    • Financial penalty
    • Customer loyalty
    • Goodwill loss


External Facing Infrastructure Operations


Contelli – The Intelligent Automation Platform for IT Infrastructure Management


Customer Facing Infrastructure Services

CSS Corp is now Movate

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