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Did you know?

80% of your workforce’s time might be consumed with tasks that can be easily automated.

Automating repetitive tasks can save 50% of your cost and

Shoot up your employees’ productivity 10 times.



Our Smart Automation consultants help you identify areas of automation and build
enterprise-wide automation strategy.


Our Smart Automation experts design automation architecture and develop a custom framework for implementation.


We design and develop Smart Automation solutions using AI, ML and cognitive technologies to support pilots and to scale beyond pilots.


Our support team helps you with automation management, failure and disaster recovery, risk management, and opportunity discovery.

Multi-bot Deployment

Deploy multiple bots in the same systems or different systems

Dynamic Scaling

Running bots across many systems, which can scale up with ease

Automate Across Flows

Integrate with OCR, Computer Vision, ERP/CRM, desktop, Excel, VDI, PDF, applications, databases and more


Support for multiple versions, and provision for one-click maintenance

Web Based RPA

Execute from a web page on any machine

Enterprise Grade

In-built security architecture with intuitive experience design

Consulting Partnership

Strong consulting capabilities for process discovery and assessment, and building Smart Automation CoE for enhanced customer experience

CX Expertise

We are the new-age services company with 20+ years of experience in transforming CX through digital innovation

The ‘A’ Team

Availability of top-notch technical Smart Automation development team at the right time and right place for improved customer service

Enterprise Transformation

Support for broader vision of enterprise automation by aligning Smart Automation to digital transformation goals


Strong capability in converging machine learning, NLP, and cognitive technologies with RPA to drive better customer experience outcomes

Right Credentials

Partnerships with the top 2 RPA service providers, and analyst recognized in-house cognitive automation platform


    • 360 customer experience management
    • Customer data management and insight discovery
    • Workflow acceleration
    • User validation processes



    • Server and app monitoring
    • Routing maintenance and monitoring
    • Email processing and distribution
    • Batch processing
    • Backup and restoration

AHT Reduction through Smart Automation

A major telecommunications company adopted Smart Automation to enable their agents to enhance global Operations

    • Reduced Average Handling Time (AHT) per case from 15 minutes to 30 seconds
    • Increased operational effectiveness by 14% across processes

Cost savings through Process Optimization

A large bank introduced Smart Automation to streamline internal processes, improve customer experience and optimize time-consuming tasks

    • Resulted in reduction of operating costs by 50% and then 150% y-o-y
    • 200+ FTE savings per year

Operational Excellence Through Analytics And Automation

A global food delivery chain introduced Smart Automation to maximize efficiencies and operational excellence

    • Increased customer experience by 30%
    • Reduced OPEX by 40%


Smart Automation framework integrates your front,
middle and back-office functions to help you in your
transformation journey.


THE FUTURE IS HERE – AI Bots have evolved as ideal companions for Human Intelligence!


CSS Corp’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions

CSS Corp is now Movate

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