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Recent findings from Forrester Research suggest that a well-conceived, frictionless UX design could potentially raise customer conversion rates up to 400%. These figures highlight the need for a cohesive approach towards digital assurance to drive consistent user experiences.

CSS Corp’s digital assurance solution is an approach to ensure all components of digital assets, across social, mobile, analytics, and cloud, drive a consistent, desirable, effective, and result-oriented outcome. Digital assurance is not just limited to testing but, it is a singular approach to ensuring a wholesome user experience of your digital assets, such as your chatbot, mobile applications, or microsites.

Platform agnostic

NLP based early validation strategy

Device independent

Integrated approach to mine user experience ratings

60% of usability issues are detected in the development cycle

30-150% increase in test coverage

30% reduction in fixing performance and visual defects

Language independent visual testing


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Pushing UX Boundaries Through AI-Led Digital Assurance Solution

Case Study

Digital Transformation and Brand Management of a Global Cosmetics Company

CSS Corp is now Movate

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