Tech Support Tiers: Can it be Revenue Generating?

Level Support is often just considered an escalation style method of resolving customer issues that ensures that costs are minimized and customer satisfaction maximized.


Generally, it is divided into 3-4 tech support tiers like tier 1 2 3 support services on the basis of support offered:

1. L0 / Tier 0 Tech Support Services / Level 0 Technical Support

Tier 0 Tech Support is generally FAQs that allow users to access and resolve information on their own rather than them contacting a customer representative for a solution. Companies that offer rich self-service customer support forums and FAQs have a higher level of customer satisfaction. Best-in-class companies often see six to seven times the number of issue resolutions through a self-service portal than through human interaction. This is because the tech-savvy consumer today prefers solving his/her own problems without human interaction; if possible.

2. L1 / Tier 1 Tech Support Services / Level 1 Technical Support

Tier 1 Tech Support is or tier 1 technical support services are the support level responsible for basic customer issues. The first job of a Tier I specialist is to gather the customer's information and to determine the customer's issue by analyzing the symptoms and figuring out the underlying problem. This level should gather as much information as possible from the end user. Once the identification of the underlying problem is established, the specialist can begin sorting through the possible solutions available. Technical support specialists in this group typically handle straightforward and simple problems while "possibly using some kind of knowledge management tool."

Personnel at this level have a basic to the general understanding of the product or service and may not always contain the competency required for solving complex issues. Nevertheless, the goal of this group is to handle 70%-80% of the user problems before finding it necessary to escalate the issue to a higher level.

3. L2 / Tier 2 Tech Support Services / Level 2 Technical Support

Technicians dealing with Tier 2 Tech Support or tier 2 technical support services are responsible for assisting Tier I personnel in solving basic technical problems and for investigating elevated issues by confirming the validity of the problem and finding solutions related to these more complex issues. This tier 2 technical support services level takes a comparatively long time to resolve support tickets and that maybe because of the complexity of the problem.

4. L3 / Tier 3 Tech Support Services / Level 3 Technical Support

Tier 3 Tech Support or tier 3 technical support services are the highest level of support in a four-tiered technical support model responsible for handling the most difficult or advanced problems. It is synonymous with level 3 tech support, 3 tier support model, tier 3 support, 3rd line support, back-end support, support line 3, high-end support, and various other headings denoting expert level troubleshooting and analysis methods. These individuals are experts in their fields and are responsible for not only assisting both Tier I and Tier II personnel but with the research and development of solutions to new or unknown issues. This is usually the final frontier in customer support and very few problems are complex enough to be bumped up to Tier 4 Tech Support.

But is that it?


Is that all that Level Support can accomplish?

A recent Gartner survey reveals that customer experience is fast becoming the new battlefield and the pressing mandate for organizations to achieve sustainable success. A specialized customer support model powered by analytics that creates new avenues for profit; apart from nurturing long lasting customer relationships is fast becoming the need of the hour.

So far the core objective of most customer service and support engagements has been to reduce costs, automate back-office business processes and manage support remotely. Driving revenue for customers seemed unthinkable and many organizations are yet to realise that their customer support can transform into a growth accelerant.

Unsurprisingly, not many companies are paying enough attention to new age solutions which have the prowess to mitigate challenges in generating revenue. This may be because there aren't many solutions in the market to take care of these issues that can stand the test of time; atleast in the immediate future.

A sophisticated tech support service such as Premium Tech Support (PTS) is the best possible remedy to all these business problems. PTS is the ideal pre-packaged solution that provides the entire gamut of services from supporting consumer products to managing infrastructure and deploying networks.

This rebrandable tech support solution effectively leverages the transforming power of digital, automation, analytics, artificial intelligence, omni-channel support and machine learning. Cognitive computing and digital analytics (including predictive and consumption analysis) embedded in PTS, enables unearthing of deep insights into the behavior and needs of customers. Advanced machine-learning capabilities identifies issues and correlates them across multiple parameters in real time. Organizations are able to use this solution to manage customer environments, and also proactively identify, fix and self-heal issues via automation independently. It has the ability to trigger alerts to contact center managers whenever there is a need for action.

Movate (Formerly Known as CSS Corp) Premium Tech Support has had a phenomenal success rate. What if your customer support succeeds in not only providing complete satisfaction but also manages to get you business? Does this sounds far-fetched?

We promise you that it isn't! For one of our clients we have been able to generate business of 50 cents for every 1 dollar spent on customer support. Essentially, Movate (Formerly Known as CSS Corp) Premium Tech Support solution transforms your customer support from a cost center into a revenue generating activity.

With results like this it would make immense business sense to train customer support to not only resolve customer queries but to capture cross selling and upselling opportunities as well.

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